Effective Career Management

Now you can survive the gig economy!

Effective Career Management Program!

The paradigm has changed in the workforce. The average job tenure is 2-4.5 years. This program will provide the tools you need to succeed in the gig economy and put you in control of your career! This specifically is designed for:

  • People unhappy with their current position/company
  • People in job transition
  • People looking for more job satisfaction
  • Increase happiness in their life
  • Looking to completely change careers
  • Want to control their careers


  • Strategy
  • Process
  • Tools


  • Personal discovery
  • Develop what you have learned in discovery into deliverable, tangible goods
  • Understand the current employment market conditions and your real options
  • Learn a new process to close a job/gig every time!
  • Learn your success strategy
  • Learn how to sell your deliverables through a proven system
  • Introduction to new tools and techniques
  • How to control an interview
  • Learn how to secure your career and avoid layoffs or positioned out of a job!

There is an available Personal Career Management Coaching option, which includes:

  • Personal one on one coaching
  • More hands on application on the materials, tools and concepts learned
  • Creating your target list
  • Provide you with personal introductions to contacts from your target list when applicable
  • Pre meeting planning
  • Post meeting planning

Think differently® about your career!

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