Why Cambiare Behavior Selling?

Because it works!

“I took the Cambiare Behavioral Sales Program in July 2018. After the first class, I was so impressed that I encouraged my wife to immediately enroll and take the remaining classes with me. Londy has such an effective and entertaining way of communicating his knowledge and wisdom that you leave feeling empowered with real, practical methods to improve your selling regardless of what you are selling. The Program provides you the confidence to know when to proceed and when to walk away. It opened my eyes to a new way of observing situations. Further, even if you are not in a “sales” function, I highly recommend this Program as it is relevant in virtually all aspects of professional and personal interactions.” –Alan E.

“Are you serious about improving your skills at successfully closing the right prospects? If so, I highly recommend you participate in Londy’s Small Business Advantage course. I started the course last week and applied lessons from the first class to successfully close a prospective client on the first call!!!! Londy offers practical, focused, and proven strategies that work. He provides an encouraging and inclusive environment in which course participants can share their challenges and learn both from Londy and one another. He is passionate about teaching others to be more successful in their business. And, his passion is catching and inspiring and led to my success. Thank you Londy!” –Kathryn G.

“Selling” is one of those words that often makes an entrepreneur’s palms sweat — but regardless of how great a product or service you have, someone has to buy it! Fortunately, Londy Bracale helped me think about selling differently than I did in the past. As the old saying goes “If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results,” If you want to improve your sales, you need to know what Londy teaches. And the good news? It was actually fun to learn!” –Barbara H.

“The Cambiare Behavioral Sales Program helped me take a closer look as the sales process for my business, or lack of a process. Before this training, I did not have a clear process for discovery and sales. In just a few weeks Londy helped me create a system that quickly leads to a sale or discovery that my service is not right for the lead. One of the core concepts that Londy returns to is how important it is to get to the “no” quickly. Rather than having leads say “maybe” or “some day” as a way to be polite, his system helps me get to the “no” so I can move on to other sales opportunities quickly. The result is that my sales have increased during and after this workshop, and I now have a sales process.” -Frank J.