Why Cambiare Career Management?

Because it works!

“Londy should be at the top of your list of people to call when the time comes to challenge yourself and thought process when it comes to career management. His style and insight are a refreshing change of pace and he’ll get you on a path to take control of your professional destiny – wherever that may take you.” – Brian K.

“Londy Bracale pulls everything together for you in his Career Management workshop. It’s all here, from self-discovery to completely blowing away your old mindset of how to get your next job, then creating a foundation for not only how to land your next job but also how to proactively manage your career and your future from the moment you step into your new role. You’ll walk out with tools you can use immediately, and they’ll serve you throughout your career. Forget about buying more books on finding your passion, recreating yourself/your brand, answering interview questions, landing the right job, or other related topics. Take this Career Management workshop, make the commitment to yourself to use what you learn here, and get ready for success.” -Maddy S.

“I took Londy’s Career Management Workshop. Wow!! It was chock full of insightful original information. If you’re looking to change your way of thinking, I highly recommend this workshop.” – Cynthia B.

“Londy, I can’t thank you enough. Your career managing workshop has empowered me so much. I actually feel like a super hero! I highly recommend to any and everyone who is in a career slump to check out this workshop! You will not regret it! You will emerge with a new attitude and a new outlook! “I can see clearer now!” I now know what I need to do, I know how to do it, and I am going to do it. So please stay tuned, this is only the beginning! -Tara J.

“I had the pleasure of attending Londy’s 3 hour “Think Differently” seminar and I only wish I’d heard the information sooner! Even though just 3 hours, he managed to give a lot of information about how to think about your role in your own career in a much more expanded and productive way, based on your own deepest motivations about your life. You will end up with a much stronger, more focused vision of yourself, and a truly innovative and productive way to think about your career path. The presentation was fun, interesting and interactive and Londy is a terrific listener and coach!” – Missy M.

“Mind-blowing experience in Career Management Workshop. Lots of information (underscores the value of session) but taught in organized way with useful examples. Welcomed questions since so different & helped coach during by exercises. Also assisted afterward by giving feedback to how applied on real life situations. Thanks so much for changing the way I think about interviews going forward! – Jerome S.

“The Cambiare Career Management Seminar today at the Frontier was an excellent presentation! It is a must for those who want to get control of their own destiny in the new ever changing work force. I can’t wait until the workshop! Thanks for your prospective Londy!” – Michael K.